Friday, May 8, 2015

Year 2, Day 18

May 8

Pretty flowers at the church this afternoon.

Year 2, Day 17

May 7

It was breezy today. These little spinners were spinning really fast!

Year 2, Day 16

May 6

Sarah's finished birthday cake. She did a good job.

Year 2, Day 15

May 5

Sarah is wrapping up her cake decorating honor with the required "special occasion cake of her choice". Her instructor is having a birthday on Pathfinder night, so that's what she picked. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate butter cream frosting - based on her instructor's favorite! I had her make it all from scratch too - might as well work on her baking honor while she's at it!

Year 2, Day 14

May 4

I love old trucks like this.

Year 2, Day 13

May 3

Today was the Pathfinder Rocket Launch! Lots of fun.

Year 2, Day 12

May 2

Tonight is Sarah's final concert with the Discovery Chorus. Her friend Grace came along and was doing her hair on the way.

Year 2, Day 9

April 29

Making dinner can be scary! Lol

Year 2, Day 8

April 28

Today was the last day of choir practice for the kids. I took these pictures at the church where I dropped the oldest boy off.

Year 2, Day 6

April 26

We had one of our Pathfinders over today to work on her Fire Building & Camp Cookery honor. We had to boil, fry, simmer, cook in foil, bake bread on a stick, and cook something in a reflector oven. So, in that order, we made eggs, potatoes, chili beans, corn on a knob,  campfire biscuits, and individual pizzas.

This honor is a required one for the older group known as Voyager. But since it was at our house, and doesn't have any particular prerequisites, we let Hannah & Sarah tag along, too.