Friday, May 8, 2015

Year 2, Day 18

May 8

Pretty flowers at the church this afternoon.

Year 2, Day 17

May 7

It was breezy today. These little spinners were spinning really fast!

Year 2, Day 16

May 6

Sarah's finished birthday cake. She did a good job.

Year 2, Day 15

May 5

Sarah is wrapping up her cake decorating honor with the required "special occasion cake of her choice". Her instructor is having a birthday on Pathfinder night, so that's what she picked. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate butter cream frosting - based on her instructor's favorite! I had her make it all from scratch too - might as well work on her baking honor while she's at it!

Year 2, Day 14

May 4

I love old trucks like this.

Year 2, Day 13

May 3

Today was the Pathfinder Rocket Launch! Lots of fun.

Year 2, Day 12

May 2

Tonight is Sarah's final concert with the Discovery Chorus. Her friend Grace came along and was doing her hair on the way.

Year 2, Day 9

April 29

Making dinner can be scary! Lol

Year 2, Day 8

April 28

Today was the last day of choir practice for the kids. I took these pictures at the church where I dropped the oldest boy off.

Year 2, Day 6

April 26

We had one of our Pathfinders over today to work on her Fire Building & Camp Cookery honor. We had to boil, fry, simmer, cook in foil, bake bread on a stick, and cook something in a reflector oven. So, in that order, we made eggs, potatoes, chili beans, corn on a knob,  campfire biscuits, and individual pizzas.

This honor is a required one for the older group known as Voyager. But since it was at our house, and doesn't have any particular prerequisites, we let Hannah & Sarah tag along, too.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Year 2, Day 5

Oops, I already missed a day this year.

April 25

I never noticed how pretty the flowers are in the spring  on the Horse Chestnut tree in my yard, until our housemate took a picture earlier this week!

Year 2, Day 2

April 23

These beautiful roses are at my boss's house. I love the bright colors.

Sarah finished her cake today!  Didn't she do a great job?

Year 2, Day 1

April 22

Sarah is still working on her cake decorating honor for Pathfinders. She has two more cakes to finish. A special occasion cake with flowers, and a specialty cake done with stars. She's starting on her specialty cake tonight.

Day 365

April 21

Today is one year since I restarted this project!  I did pretty good, only missing a few days here and there. Yes, Ann, I'll keep on going!

Moat of the Pathfinder staff, as well as a couple of our teen Pathfinders,  took a CPR class at the church tonight. The teacher was great, making the class both informative and fun!

Day 362

April 18

One of the kids found this mushroom growing in our yard.

I can't wait to go to Disneyland this summer! Lol

Day 361

April 17

The only picture I took today was a sneaky one of the guy in front of me at the grocery store. His express lane order... I had 6 items.

Day 360

April 16

Out to dinner with friends for Jen's birthday. Willing Heart plus a sister and a daughter (who took this picture so isn't in it).

Day 359

April 15

Asalia forgot her sash at Pathfinders. Again. Lol (I needed a picture of it for updating her records anyway!)

Day 358

April 14

We woke up to snow on the foothills today.

Day 357

April 13

Beautiful lilacs in my yard!

Day 356

April 12

A fun family day out at Six Flags! Made even more fun by meeting up with an old friend. Debbi and I have been friend since about 1982/1983ish.

Day 355

April 11

Today we drove down to San Francisco to start at a friend's house overnight so we could get an early start to a fun day on Sunday at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (formerly known as Marine World).

The weather was perfect, which was funny because it was pouring rain in the Rogue Valley but as soon as we crossed into California, it looked like this:

Day 354

April 10

Had to go help a friend try to limp her car home this stemming, but had to end up pulling over again to get towed the rest of the way. She noticed and thought it was funny that the house we pulled over in front of was #911.

Day 353

April 9

Hannah got this cute lollipop from her secret sister at church last Sabbath.

Day 351

April 7

I was right. These rainbow veggie skewers were SO good!

Red grape tomatoes
Red bell pepper
Orange bell pepper
Yellow bell pepper
Yellow squash
Green bell pepper
Green zucchini
Purplish red onion
Purple potatoes
Crimini  (baby portobello) mushrooms (OK, so those don't fit the rainbow, but they were amazing!)

Marinated in olive oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and salt before skewering and roasting in the oven at 425 for about  17 minutes. So, so good!

Day 350

April 6

Getting ready! These rainbow veggie skewers are going to be so delicious!

Day 349

April 5

Pathfinders hosted a mystery dinner this evening. Much fun and laughter was had by all.

Day 348

April 4

The only pictures I took today were of my 2 latest drawings.

Day 347

April 3

Lunch with my Hannah today. Silly girl.

Day 345

April 1

Very strange rain shower while the sun was shining today.

Day 342

March 29

Today was a blast!  We went on an historic train from Hood River down to Parkdale, only 10 miles from the base of Mt Hood. They did an old time western show about whiskey bootleggers trying to smuggle whiskey on the train. We had a fantastic lunch at Solera Brewery - a really nice wild rice veggie burger they make right there. I even found a letterbox not far from where the train stops. On the way home, we had dinner with my brother and his wife, then almost got locked inside a cemetery in Oregon City, going after another letterbox too close to dusk.

Day 341

March 28

A beautiful but drizzly day along the Columbia Gorge. We drove over to Multnomah Falls, did some more letterboxing, went to the Cascade Locks, the Bonneville Dam,  the fish hatchery,  and just had fun.

Day 335

March 22

The pathfinder club is working on the booth for the upcoming Pathfinder Fair. Here's Hannah adding a bit to the "sun" for our space theme Model Rocketry display.

Day 340

March 27

Busy week this week, getting everything caught up before we head out for a fun anniversary weekend trip. Someplace different this year, rather than the Oregon Coast like always. This year we're heading to Hood River, along the Columbia Gorge. Never been there before, but it sounded like fun! We left early Friday morning so I could do some letterboxing on the way to Portland. Our first stop was at a little cemetery in Grants Pass.

Day 336

March 23

Someone dumped grass clippings over the fence for the animals next door. Silly donkeys wouldn't get out of the way, so they got dumped on.

Day 334

March 21

Sarah and her friends playing a new table game we picked up recently.

Day 333

March 20

I still love our yard bunnies!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 332

March 19

This was sure cute, driving down the road this afternoon.

Day 331

March 18

I try not to post *too* many food pictures, but this one had to be shared. I tried a vegan black bean burger recipe for the first time. Oh my goodness, were these ever tasty!

Here's the recipe. I added about 3 cloves of garlic instead of 1, and flipped them over after baking 8 minutes, and gave them about 5 more minutes. I also turned on the broiler for a couple minutes at the end. Everybody loved them, even Hannah. I'll definitely make them again.