Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 332

March 19

This was sure cute, driving down the road this afternoon.

Day 331

March 18

I try not to post *too* many food pictures, but this one had to be shared. I tried a vegan black bean burger recipe for the first time. Oh my goodness, were these ever tasty!

Here's the recipe. I added about 3 cloves of garlic instead of 1, and flipped them over after baking 8 minutes, and gave them about 5 more minutes. I also turned on the broiler for a couple minutes at the end. Everybody loved them, even Hannah. I'll definitely make them again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 330

March 17

We were a couple minutes early when I took the kids to drop them off for choir practice this afternoon. Since it was such a gorgeous day, I thought I'd take some pictures around the church while we waited. This church (Westminster Presbyterian) has a little pond with a couple of small waterfalls dropping into it, and flowers planted all around the edges. These little flowers weren't much bigger around than my thumb.

Day 329

March 16

Sarah was being silly at the grocery store. She claimed that she had never eaten eggplant before (I'm sure she's wrong), so she wanted her picture taken with the one we were buying. I'll be making Ratatouille for tomorrow evening. Yum!

Day 327

March 14

Sarah and her friends sang at the Craterian Theater this evening. They did a wonderful job!

Day 326

March 13

Hannah's new glasses came today. She loves them!

Day 325

March 12

These flowers are on the bush next to the road in front of our next-door neighbors' house. They're so pretty!

Day 324

March 11

At Pathfinders, we're working on the Model Rocketry honor. Here's Hannah with her rocket so far.

Day 323

March 10

Hannah made corn bread for dinner tonight. It was very good!

Day 322

March 9

This is one of the quilts my Grandma made. It's been on my bed for years. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 321

Gorgeous day today. The cherry blossoms near the mall were absolutely beautiful.

Day 320

March 7

Spent a beautiful Sabbath in the Redwoods at Crescent City. We drove through the woods past the Stout Grove.  Then, even though it was foggy at the coast, we enjoyed a picnic overlooking the ocean. At least it wasn't too cold. We found 3 out of 5 letterboxes that we looked for, found some decent sized agates near Pebble Beach, and all in all had a relaxing day.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 319

The only howl rooms we could find in Crescent City, CA only had one bed. So we packed our camping cots for the girls. Our room is quite small, so Sarah's cot is right next to the door. At the end of Hannah's cot, we have about 6" to walk past on the way to the restroom. Oh well. We're looking forward to a glorious Sabbath on the coast tomorrow! Perhaps some letterboxing, maybe some hunting for agates. Definitely the picnic lunch we packed. Can't wait!

Day 318

March 5

The moon looked really cool tonight, but sadly, my phone can't do it justice.

Day 317

March 4

This is one of our guinea pigs. I don't really know which one. We're trying to find new homes for them, because we're ready to be done with "small mammal pets".

Day 316

March 3

Hannah baked some crusty bread to go with the vegetable soup she's making for dinner tonight. These two loaves will barely make it through dinner with our crowd, I'm sure!

Day 314

March 1

Charlie has spent the last few days refinishing a book case my grandpa built for me almost 25 years ago, shortly after I graduated from academy. It's gorgeous!

Day 313

February 28

A gorgeous Sabbath afternoon. We went out letterboxing with a Sarah's best friend, and her mom and brother. One of our stops was in Lithia Park in Ashland.

Day 312

February 27

Sarah made a Triple Berry pie to have for Sabbath dinner tomorrow. It was hot in the house so we struggled a little with the crust, but since I'm writing this after the fact, I can tell you that it was delicious!

Day 310

February 25

At Pathfinders, we're working on the model rocketry honor. The kids seem to be having a lot of fun!

Day 309

February 24

Hannah made dinner tonight. Alfredo bowtie pasta.

Day 308

February 23

Homemade vegedogs. They were great!  They are from and look for "Better Than Hot Dogs".

Day 308

February 23

Homemade vegedogs. They were great!  They are from and look for "Better Than Hot Dogs".

Day 306

February 21

Yet another gorgeous sunset. We've had amazing weather here for this time of year!

Day 304

February 19

I started this jigsaw puzzle last Sabbath. I've worked on it here and there, and finally finished it this evening, with Charlie's help. He usually doesn't help with them.

Day 303

February 18

Another gorgeous sunset!

Day 302

February 17

Sarah is in the Rogue Valley Youth Discovery Chorus, as are a couple of boys from church. We carpool, so I drop them off at the two different churches where they have practices, and the boys' mom brings them home after. Today when I dropped the older one off, there were turkeys in the churchyard.

Day 300

February 15

The theme of the Friendship Banquet was  "50s Diner". The social committee did a great job putting it together. They served vegeburgers, fries, and milkshakes. Sarah and her best friend were the only ones in poodle skirts, although lots of other people did dress up.

Day 299

February 14

Here's Sarah with her finished cake, plus a couple of "in progress" pictures.

Day 298

February 13

Sarah is making a cake to give away as a door prize at the church's Friendship Banquet on Sunday. She's working on her cake decorating honor for Pathfinders.

Day 296

February 11

We saw this fire hydrant in town, and the kids had to have a picture of it.