Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 132

Hanging out in Troutdale with the family. We saw these cute little bronze statues across the street from the city hall, so we had the cousins all sit for a picture.

After we were done walking through the little Old Town section of Troutdale, we went back to the house to load up our gear, then over to the Beverly Cleary park in Portland. We were in the middle of reading Beezus and Ramona so we had to go find the statues of the characters from the books. I love this shot of Sarah with Ramona!

One last picture today... my geek-ness is showing. The odometer in our Saturn VUE hit 091309. Today's date? 09/13/09. I even turned on the date stamp on the camera so you can see it.


  1. what a great trip, the girls are adorable and omg i LOVE that shot of Sarah & Ramona! (great books btw!)
    Ha! your geek is showing Kimmy. i love it thats so cool