Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 32

Today was day 3 of "we watch too much tv - no more!" For the past 3 days I've restricted the kids to no more than 30 minutes per morning and 30 minutes per afternoon. I remember one summer we spent at a babysitter's house who had kids about our ages. She restricted us to that limit and it worked well. So far they've been watching Wilbur on Discovery Kids in the morning, and Word World on PBS in the afternoon. They've been playing with their blocks and really getting imaginative. I think this was their attempt at creating corrals for their toy ponies and other small animals.


  1. Ha! We never got to watch TV in the summer. We always had to be outside!

  2. love the imagination of a child... dont always understand it.. but I can appreciate it!

  3. good idea about the TV. i LOVED tv way too much when i was in elementary. my parents took away the TV (and stored it in the tool shed) many times because we kids didn't too much else when the TV was around.