Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 182

Another beautiful day on the Oregon Coast.  Today we went to a shop that said on the outside that it had kites. Charlie likes kites. We ended up buying a new purse for me, as well as one for each girl for Christmas. They're hand made out of old jeans and so cute.

We also stopped by Face Rock Creamery and sampled some of their cheese.

Then we headed down 101 instead of going home the normal way.  That way, I could look for several more letterboxes on our way. We stopped at Cape Blanco Lighthouse to look for one that was no longer there.  It was beautiful but really windy!

Another stop in Brookings for a letterbox at a cemetery. We bypassed a couple in between because it was rainy in a few places.

Another couple boxes were attempted but not found. But I was first finder on a box that had been planned nearly two years ago on a lovely little botanical wayside!

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