Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 114

Picture to follow soon, hopefully. Tonight was registration at Adventurers and although I forgot my camera, I asked my friend Laura to take photos of the activity I had planned for the kids. We worked on the Ladybug award, and I brought in live ladybugs, donated by Ladybug Indoor Gardens. After the kids got to watch the ladies crawl around in the little tent I had them in, and do a couple of crafts (including a thank you card for the garden shop), we went outside to release some of them. I think Laura got lots of good pictures of the kids holding the ladies, until her camera broke!! Oh nooooo! So then we used Michelle's camera. So again... as soon as one of them emails their pictures to me, I'll add it! Hehehe.

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  1. aw that sounds so cute! I look forward to pictures