Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 89

Hannah turned 6 years old yesterday. I made her a dress to wear to church today that coordinates with Sarah's. Remember from 3 weeks ago, Sarah's dress is a pink background, has sleeves, and a ribbon at the empire waist. Hannah's, you can see, is purple, sleeveless, and has the ribbons tied in bows at the top of the 6 godets that are added to make her skirt twirl even more than Sarah's. Oh, and notice the matching handbag! Sarah has one now, too.

There was a crazy thunderstorm here this evening. It dumped a whole lot of hail on us, too. We were up swimming with some friends and the hail went around that area, so my Saturn was saved, but Charlie's car is dimpled all over the top. The hail was at least as big around as a quarter, and there was apparently a lot of it, because we found it drifted up in banks like snow when we got home! Below is Charlie's hand, not one of the kids! And this is about 3 hours after the hail came through, so it had already started to melt.


  1. Hannah looks adorable in her new twirly dress!
    oy ya hail can be wicked sometimes. glad you guys survived it!

  2. Happy belated, Hannah!

    Eeps. Hail is scary stuff.