Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 116

August 7
Oshkosh adventure day 3
Today we left Twin Falls, ID early.  I actually saw part of the sunrise! Not a sight I see often.  We arrived at Yellowstone National Park early in the afternoon.  After setting up camp we quickly ate some lunch and headed out to see the sights.
We went to the paint pots (boiling mud), saw some boiling pools of water,  small geysers, and more. It was really cool weather, so there was a lot of steam and several of the pools were hard to see. Then we drove a little further and went down to Old Faithful. That was really cool! I knew it was tall,  but I didn't realize it erupted water for so long. We saw another club there and talked to them briefly.  Part of them were from Walla Walla, and I don't remember where the other club sharing their bus was from.  A brief thunderstorm blew through while we were down there, but it passed on by and the skies are clear now as we head to bed.

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