Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 123

August 14
Today I got to see my friend Melody from Academy days! She lives in Minnesota and we haven't seen each other since around 1999.  Her camp is only about a five minute walk away from ours, so she came over for a visit this morning before breakfast. She took Sarah back over to her camp to trade some pins and brought her boys back with her when she came back with Sarah.
After breakfast most of the staff and Pathfinders went out to find some of the activities to do.  I had shower monitor duty from 10-11, and Charlie had it from 11-12. After we were both done, we caught one of the golf carts over to the events area too. 
We wandered through the pathfinder museum,  then went over and found some lunch. We ate at the " Jamaican Patty King", where we both had chicken wraps, Charlie had the Haitian Patty and I hada Soy Patty.  All veggie, of course. The chicken wrap was my favorite. I'll have to make something similar at home.
Later in the afternoon we went back to the museum so we could visit with friends from California,  Sam and Elda. Been way too long since seeing them!!
The evening meeting was wonderful as usual.  We bought the Dvd set that will have all the programs to watch and share at home.

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