Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 125

This morning I was invested as a Master Guide! For anyone not familiar with the Pathfinder program, it's similar to Scouts, and is the highest level of classwork. Kind of like becoming an a Eagle Scout, I think. Anyway, it took me about five years of working on it on and off to finish the program.
I was so excited to find out an old, dear friend, like a second mom to me, was going to be here at Oshkosh and would be able to invest me. She was a staff member in the pathfinder club I belonged to as a kid. It was somewhere over 15 years ago I last saw her and her husband.
After lunch we went to the ventriloquist program.  Then Sarah and I went to the White Estate tent and sat in on the class for the newly released God's Messenger honor. She was so happy to have earned an honor this week! And especially that she could call grandma,  who worked at the White Estate for over 20 years, and tell her about it.
The evening program is just getting started. Can't wait to find out two things... is God going to answer the prayer of nearly 50,000 pathfinders and send the rain past us without drenching us? And,  is Daniel going to get out of the lion's den??

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