Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 12

A friend asked us to go walk up Upper Table Rock with her this evening. It was hot this afternoon, so we didn't start our walk until 6:30 p.m. It took us about an hour and 20 minutes to hike up the trail to the top - it's 750 feet of elevation in about 1.25 miles. The view was gorgeous, even though it was hot and that meant haze around the valley. This photo was taken about half way up - we weren't even at the top yet. You can see the Rogue River cutting between the trees there in the middle.

It only took us 40 minutes to get back to the bottom. LOL

More pictures from our hike, including lots of wildflowers, can be found at The Little Zoo under the Photos section, May 2009.


  1. Oh nice view!
    i think i heard it called some odd thing like 'nature'... *shudders*

  2. Ooo, very pretty. :D I think Michigan is too flat to get shots like that. ;) But wow, just some random exercise for no reason at all... I'm impressed!

  3. That's beautiful! I'm definitely jealous.

  4. That's beautiful!