Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 23

Another day of nothing special going on. Just working, playing with the kids, making sure they're fed and well sunscreened before letting them out in the yard, etc. So I decided to go into the field next door to our house and take a picture of some of the wildflowers / weeds growing there.

This bug looked interesting. A Google search tells me it's a Trichodes ornatus, commonly known as the Ornate Checkered Beetle.

And I liked how this flower looks sort of like a dandelion gone to seed. I haven't had any luck with Google telling me what kind of flower it is yet.

Edit: Thanks to my friend at 365 Days of Me, I've determined that this is the seed stage of the Achyrachaena mollis, known commonly as Blow Wives. Thanks!


  1. oh way cool. if they evah get out of the meetings today, i'll try to ask Shannon. She's very knowledable about plant life.