Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 20

We live in a really patriotic small town. We have a Veteran's Cemetery here, and lots of historical interest in the area. There's a neat tradition here called "Avenue of the Flags" where the main streets are lined with American Flags leading the way to the cemetery. Each flag is donated by the family of a deceased Veteran - the flags are the ones that were draped across the caskets. One of the sections I like best is the historic covered bridge. Originally built in 1922, it crossed the Antelope Creek, 12 miles up the road. In 1987 it was moved to downtown Eagle Point, and has since served as a safe walkway for children crossing the Little Butte Creek to get to the local elementary school. Both sides of the sidewalk leading to the bridge are lined with the flags, which are put up for all the national holidays that are specified as appropriate to fly the flag.


  1. That's very cool looking and an awesome town tradition. :D (Although 1922 isn't so old! *tickle*)

  2. nice tradition!
    erm .. when is it unappropriate to fly the flag? o.O
    as a vet, that gave me chills. very nice indeed Kimmy

  3. That is neat, but as a vet & granddaughter of decesead vet, I would be selfish & keep my grandpa's flag.

  4. Aer - LOL I know 1922 isn't that old... but they made sure to save the covered bridge!

    Ruby -

    Lisa - we were that "selfish", too. ;-)