Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 17

One of my Facebook friends posted the recipe for these vegan "ribs" made of homemade gluten. Charlie and I recently went to a gluten-making class, so I decided to check out the recipe. It looked easy enough, and it was beautiful weather for grilling, so that's what we did tonight. We do the corn on the grill - in the shucks, soaked in water and wrapped in foil. It's our favorite way, other than in a campfire, of doing corn-on-a-knob (a Sarah-ism that will stick with us for life).

These were so easy to make! Even easier than the gluten we learned about at the class we attended. We will definitely make these again - perhaps with a couple of minor changes. A different BBQ sauce, perhaps. And Charlie thinks some McKay's Beef Seasoning in the flour would be even better.


  1. OMG, DD would so be in the bathroom right after eating that. Gluten intolerance sucks!

  2. Yumm, that looks good! :D *misses having a grill*