Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 21

Happy Memorial Day! Today I went over to the Veteran's Cemetery where my Grandpa is buried, to take a picture of all the flags out. They mark all the graves with miniature flags on Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and I think Fourth of July. Today's picture is of my Grandpa's grave marker, with the flowers that my Mom and Grandma placed there in his memory.

Actually, I'm posting two pictures today. I really liked the way this one turned out. I love how the focus on the flags goes fuzzy as they get further away from the camera. All the people in the background are waiting for the ceremony that is held every Memorial Day. There was a bagpiper playing old military songs, they fire off a military salute, and the F18 jets do a fly-over at one point.


  1. *salute* Pretty much just a repeat of the comment for day 20, but I think it's so cool that your town has these traditions and that families are living so close together like that. :-D

  2. very cool Kimmy. that gave me chills.

  3. Nice, they put those little flags on the cemetary at the Ohio Veteran's Home too. Had I not been so lazy, I would have gone over there to take some pictures of the decorations.